Dr. Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson, PhD, RP
Registered Psychotherapist

Robert has over 17 years of experience in Mental Health and Addiction. His work has focused on complex trauma, PTSD, addiction, and general mental health issues. He currently is in private practice and also trains and supervises qualifying psychotherapists. He has developed a technique that enables people to process trauma, conducted lectures on his theoretical orientation, taught university courses, and researches the clinical use of psychedelics in his spare time.

His therapeutic approach is humanistic and considers the biopsychosocial spiritual model designed to get to the root issue. He has been influenced by various psychological approaches including, Jungian Theory, Object Relations, and Attachment Theory. He also incorporates somatic techniques and a mindfulness approach into his work. He is interested in working with people to help foster change that is both realistic and attainable. His approach is flexible and creative giving the individual what is required to help foster the change that is needed.

On the research side, his Ph.D. thesis investigated the North American shaman's experience of the Altered State of Consciousness. He used Carl Jung’s theory of the Collective Unconscious to inform his findings. He is also very interested in the use of psychedelics for therapeutic outcomes and is studying psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and plans on working and researching in this area exclusively.

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