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Our Mission

To inspire and empower those affected by musculoskeletal pain through evidence-based, innovative, and patient-centered care.

Our Vision

To advance the quality of musculoskeletal care through practice and research.

We provide specialized care for...

We offer direct billing to most insurance providers, including Blue Cross and MVA insurers.

We do not accept WSIB compensation cases.

Offering integrated and coordinated care...

Whether you are recovering from an injury, have a condition that causes persistent pain, or are working on your wellness, our team of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists will work with you and your care team towards your goals.

In collaboration with your Primary Care provider and the rest of your care team, our Physicians and  Medical Specialists are experts in treating musculoskeletal conditions and persistent pain.

We provide assessment and vision therapy for patients whose visual systems have been disrupted as a result of trauma or injury or whose visual systems are not reaching their full potential.

Our Psychologists and Psychotherapists offer compassionate support and collaborate with patients to create treatment plans, set goals, and facilitate their growth.

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Through our strong data collection practices and evaluation processes we strive to continually improve the delivery of musculoskeletal care.

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