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Therapy Session

Integrated Care


Assessment, Treatment, Groups, Workshops & Referrals

Our mental health providers offer compassionate and caring support for a variety of mental health and daily life struggles including managing persistent musculoskeletal pain.

Psychologist Session

Our team of Psychologists and Psychotherapists have extensive training and experience treating psychological issues across age groups.

We offer individual, family, and group sessions, for support with symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, post traumatic stress, grief and bereavement, and rehabilitation needs. We also offer workshops and presentations across age groups and professions on topics including persistent pain, rehabilitation, physical activity/movement, and mental health.


When we are not the best care providers to meet our patients needs, we facilitate warm referrals to our community partners and offer case conferencing with external providers.


A referral from a physician is not necessary, however we recommend checking with your private insurer to see if they require a physician's referral for reimbursement.

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