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The Clinic

Beechwood Physical Medicine

We are an interdisciplinary clinic whose mission is to inspire and empower those affected by musculoskeletal pain through evidence-based, innovative, and patient-centered care. We are an integrated team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychotherapists, Neuro-Optometrists and Medical Doctors, whose vision is to advance the quality of musculoskeletal care through practice and research.

Beechwood Physical Medicine

The Beechwood Physical Medicine (BPM) founding partners combine the expertise of a top medical doctor with a career’s worth of experience working with patients in the Canadian Armed Forces and that of an experienced chiropractor who has worked globally in diverse environments. Both have operated very successful practices and hold a tremendous amount of goodwill in their respective industries and in the National Capital Region region in general. BPM’s founders humbly recognized a need for a comprehensive team of integrated health professionals to be able to provide excellent care in an integrated-interdisciplinary environment.



To meet this need they have assembled a high-performance team of specialists in their respective industries and each one is an innovator and team player. This combination of talent provides a rare level of insight that enables BPM to facilitate exceptional patient experiences for effective health care.  In assembling our team, we recognized that in order to serve the broader population, patient-centered care needs to be able to effectively aid and empower the complete individual. When our clinicians aren't able to provide our patients with the treatment they need, we connect them with the appropriate providers through our advanced referral networks.

Inspire and empower is more than just a tagline, it represents the ethos which drives our team towards excellence.


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Musculoskeletal pain is a multifactorial experience that involves the whole patient and cannot effectively be addressed by a one-cause-one-cure model.  Our care is always focused on the outcomes that are important to the patient, rather than being centered around the services we provide.  We ensure that our patient’s needs and best interests are considered in each step of the care continuum and focus on providing timely comprehensive assessment and care management of the whole patient.



We continually monitor our patients’ outcomes and satisfaction to drive constant improvement in the quality of our care.  Through this monitoring of outcomes, data collection, and our commitment to evaluation and improvement, we define quality indicators, set system-wide improvement goals, and strive to be a centre of excellence in the field of musculoskeletal care.



While some patients do best with a well-rounded approach from a single, skilled practitioner, we recognize that some patients respond better to an interdisciplinary approach from a team of healthcare providers.  We use best practices to identify which patients will respond best, to which approach, in order to maximize the chances of success and ensure that the patient is seen by the right practitioner, at the right time and place. We also create and maintain effective communication pathways and structures to support interdisciplinary team-based care.



Our approach combines the best available research evidence and a wide array of clinical experience, while centering on patient preference. We develop and translate guidelines into useful point of care tools and are invested in creating system-wide capabilities for relevant data collection for patient care.

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