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Dr. Geoff Outerbridge

Geoff Outerbridge, DC MSc DCAPM

Dr. Geoff Outerbridge received a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics and a M.Sc. in Neuroscience from the University of Guelph. He began his career as the on-site coordinator at General Motors for the Ontario Universities Back Pain Study, a research study examining the causes of back pain in industry. In 1996, he started an ergonomics consulting company to offer his knowledge and experience to clients in a wide range of environments including mining, assembly line and office. In addition to consulting and running a personal training business, he attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College from which he graduated in 2001. From 2001 to 2011, Geoff owned a successful multidisciplinary clinic in Ottawa, which integrated Chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, rehabilitation, and complementary alternative medicine.

In 2009, Geoff became the clinical director of World Spine Care (, an international non-profit organization bringing sustainable, inter-professional, evidence-based spine care to underserved regions around the world. In 2011, he sold his practice and moved his family to Mahalapye Botswana to open the flagship WSC clinic. He has also developed spine care programs in India, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, and Nepal. Through his experience as a primary spine practitioner in developing countries, Geoff has developed unique skills in treating spinal conditions and integrating with other health care professionals to provide optimal patient care.

Along with a full-time practice at Beechwood Physical Medicine, Geoff contributes to the development of low back pain guidelines with the World Health Organization, continues to contribute to research and development of the Global Spine Care Initiative, the World Spine Care project in Nepal, and is one of the directors of the University of Ottawa Musicians Wellness Centre.


​Geoff also has many years of experience treating athletic and occupational injuries. He has competed in many sports and brings his athletic experience together with his knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and multiple soft tissue release techniques to get patients back to an active life quickly.

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