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Dr. Stefan Eberspaecher

Stefan Eberspaecher, DC BSc DCAPM

Dr. Stefan Eberspaecher joins Beechwood Physical Medicine with extensive prior experience in chiropractic and related fields. Stefan contributes to the development of low back pain guidelines with the World Health Organization as an invited member of their Peer Review Group and contributes to research and development of the Global Spine Care Initiative and World Spine Care.

Stefan has worked with a broad range of patients from geriatric to athletic. He enjoys seeing complex patients with whom he can integrate his knowledge of nutrition and exercise to help provide optimal outcomes. He especially enjoys helping patients regain function previously lost from years of arthritis. He works collaboratively with other clinicians at Beechwood Physical Medicine to help patients recover from concussions/mild traumatic brain injury.

Stefan has a BSc in Psychology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He studied at the University of Guelph, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and later acupuncture at McMaster Medical School.  He also holds a Diplomate in Pain Management from the Canadian Academy of Pain Management. He has completed specialized training in concussion management through Concussion Rehab Works.

About Me

Stefan spent 5 years working at a very successful general practice clinic just outside of Brisbane, Australia. In 2014, he started working with World Spine Care, opening a clinic in the city of Moca, Dominican Republic in his first year. He managed the clinic until 2017 when he moved to Africa to coordinate the program in Botswana. As head of the spine unit within the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Princess Marina Hospital, Stefan also consulted patients alongside the hospital’s neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeons. In 2018, with the joint effort of the other members of the profession, he established the Botswana Association of Chiropractors as the founding president. He has worked with professional and semi-professional soccer, football, Aussie rules football and rugby players, including being the team chiropractor for the Botswana National Seven’s team and the LKC Jaguars Rugby Club from 2017 to 2019. He has lots of experience working with triathletes, runners, swimmers and cyclists including being team chiropractor for the Biovail professional Women’s cycling team for 2006. He was part of the medical team for the 2018 African Union Sport Council Youth Games where he worked with athletes from all over southern Africa.

Stefan is a reformed triathlete and a has-been rugby and football player (outside centre/outside linebacker). He can drive a golf ball consistently 300 yards (150 straight line distance) and enjoys crashing mountain bikes, hitting moderate sized trees on his snowboard, and absolutely burning up the tatami doing BJJ. 

Experienced Provider of:  Chiropractic, Active Release Technique (ART), Graston technique, Cox Flexion Distraction Technique, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Rock (Kinesiology) Taping Technique

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